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About us

It al began in the sixties, when Dimitri started roller skating. Together with Patricia he decided to start their own business in 1985. Dimitri was obsessed about wheels and he started  to make roller skates wheels. In the beginning of the nighties the quad wheels were really famous and were sold all over the world.

In 1992 the inline skates came and from one day to another the quad skates disappeared. So also the production of the quad wheels stopped and he started immediately making inline wheels. The inline skate wheels  were a totally different material. He never succeeded to make very high level wheels such as the marked leader hyper in that time.

In 2006 Dimitri and Patricia went for the first time to China and started to produce their own products in China and Dimitri used his knowledge to set up the wheels factory from Wonderfox.
Alex from Wonderfox started also to make boots and frames and after a lot of hard work we managed to make a complete inline skate.

After 12 years cooperation, we make high end boots and frames competitive with the world’s biggest brands.During the long distance we made, Dims is known in Europe as the manufacturer of the best price-quality products. This year Dimitri and Patricia will reach the six zero and they hope they will continue for a long time as long as they stay healthy, because skating is their passion.




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